NACE Milano Italia Section – Conference & Expo 2016

A European event for the Corrosion Prevention of Oil&Gas industry



Milano, 14 June 2016

Dear participants,


a few weeks have passed since the NACE Milano Italia Section - Conference & Expo 2016 in Genoa. So, it is time for the final considerations.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the NACE Milano Italia Section I'm pleased to say thank you to each of you who have attended this conference & expo. We appreciate you for taking the time and effort to be here.


We would like to dedicate this success to you:

exhibitors, chairmen, speakers, participants, who all responded with great professionalism and enthusiasm to our invitation to take part in the event.


The numbers of great success of the event are:


• 25 sponsors

• 42 exhibitors

• 94 presentations

• 320 participants

• 140 companies

• more than 25 nations represented


Again a great "thank you", hoping that such success could be replicated soon.


The Chairman of NACE Milano Italia Section

(Stefano Trasatti)











The conference aims to become a permanent forum for specialists concerned with all fundamental, engineering and applied aspects in the field of corrosion prevention and related subjects.


OBJECTIVE: NACE Milano Italia Section organizes the Conference with the aim of offering a unique opportunity:

  • To interface with researchers, engineers, end-users, technical experts, representatives of leading organizations and companies from various disciplines
  • To share the latest information on current issues, technologies under development, full-scale experiences, available equipment and products
  • To consider and discuss directions able to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions which address challenges in the fields of corrosion management.



Failure analysis
Materials selection
Corrosion in the refinery
Downhole materials and corrosion
Oil & Gas pipelines
Cathodic protection
Protective coatings
Welding and Corrosion
Standards and Methods
Corrosion Management








Organizing Committee

Roberto Malfanti: Nace Milano Italia Trustee

IMC engineering Srl


Member of NACE Milano Italia Section Board since 1994, currently Trustee. Founder and Technical Director of IMC engineering S.r.l. based in Genova (Italy) specialised in corrosion prevention systems and protective coatings with more than 35 years’ experience in the Marine and Oil&Gas industries. He is a NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level 3, as well as Lead Instructor of NACE courses coating related, and SSPC certified Protective Coating Specialist.


Stefano Trasatti: Nace Milano Italia Chairman

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy


Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan. He worked in private companies from 1996 to 2002, responsible for surface treatments and material testing. His research interests include protective coatings, active-passive alloys, corrosion monitoring and control, light weight metal corrosion, applied electrochemistry. Chairman of the NACE Milano Italia Section since June 2011, and member of BoA of EFC and of Research Committee of NACE International.


Sergio Volonté: Nace Milano Italia Vice-Chairman

MACOP - Process Group Leader c/o TECNIMONT SpA


Vice chairman of NACE Milano Italia Section since 2011; graduated at the University of Milano in 1989 in chemistry. More than 25 years of experience as corrosion engineer for petrochemicals plants, power plants, oil & gas and refineries. He is responsible for selection of materials of construction and coating, corrosion control and plant inspection and monitoring.


Mario Celant: Nace Milano Italia Treasurer

Pipe Team srl


Treasurer of Nace Italia Board of Directors since 1995, graduated in 1978 in Chemical Engineering – Metallurgy and Corrosion, IWE, Ceng, SenMWeldI. Main areas of competence are the Oil & Gas Industry, particularly with pipelines, material selection and specifications, corrosion control and monitoring methods, welding engineering, supervision during pipe and pipeline components manufacturing, consultancy in failure analysis.


Fabio Zanardo: Nace Milano Italia Secretary

Coating Engineering & Inspection, eni  SpA


35 years of experience in steel and coating industry:  coating selection for pipeline, on shore and off shore structures and facilities, factory and field contractors qualification, field coating activities and inspections.

Manuela Malfanti: Conference Secretary

IMC engineering Srl


After a 1-year work in UK, she joined IMC in February 2008. She works together with the technical director and assistants in the management of the inspection services. She is in charge for IMC analytical laboratory and failure analysis.


Scientific Committee


Brancaleone Maurizio IVS
Capelli Fausto Centro Inox
Celant Mario Pipe Team
De Marco Marco Istituto Italiano della Saldatura
Di Vito Luigi CSM
Fowler Chris EXOVA - Nace International 
Gabetta Giovanna ENI
Gerritsen Christoph ArcelorMittal
Lauro Alberto Istituto Italiano della Saldatura
Malfanti Roberto IMC engineering
Marinelli Ugo FM Engineering
Nice Perry Statoil
Scoppio Lucrezia Pipe Team
Smith Liane WoodGroup Intetech
Trasatti Stefano Università degli Studi di Milano
Volontè Sergio TECNIMONT SpA
Zanardo Fabio ENI


Social program


Accompanying Person's Package

In order to make attendees partecipation rewarding & meaningful and their stay in Genoa as enjoyable as possible, the Local Organising Committee have created an exciting Accompanying Person's Package. Registered accompanying persons are invited to attend the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception, and can purchase a ticket to attend the Gala Dinner. The package also includes an half-day tour of the most beautiful and attactive places in Genoa.


Welcome cocktail

The conference will begin on Sunday, May 29th, at 7:00 pm with the registration and Welcome cocktail in the aquarium of Genoa, dolphins pool. Participants are warmly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity, so that they avoid queuing on the following morning.

The entrance of the Welcome Cocktail is located at the Blue Boat (nave blu), on the backside of Geoa Aquarium. See the picture below for a sketch-map of the location.





Gala Dinner

Monday, May 30th -  A Gala dinner is organized for the attendees at Villa Lo Zerbino , from 08:00 pm. A registration fee of 60,00 Euros is required.

Villa Lo Zerbino is one of the most fascinating and best preserved Genoese mansions. Built at the end of the sixteenth century, but still with the characters of late Renaissance architecture, the Palace was enriched at the bidding of the first owners, the Balbi family, with frescoes by Domenico Piola and Gregorio De Ferrari, two artists active in Genoa in the late seventeenth century. A spectacular park, invisible from the outside, takes the visitor by surprise and will be the striking backdrop of the party.

The unique atmosphere of the Villa will succeed in making the participants enjoy the event.

Further details and indications will be provided onsite.


Villa Lo Zerbino - top view


Villa Lo Zerbino - the gardens.


Villa Lo Zerbino - the interior rooms.










Marine Coating Technology NACE Course 25-28 May 2016

The new NACE course on marine coating organised by IMC engineering S.r.l.

25th – 28th May, 2016 Genova (Italy)

The Marine Coating Technology course is an open course, there is no specific pre-requisite to register. However the content of the course has been written under the assumption that the students have completed the CIP Level 1.

The course covers the fundamental issues that are specific to coatings in the marine industry.

After a description of the most common types of ships, the course describes the corrosion types affecting the ships’ areas, the types of coatings and linings that are effective in the marine environment, the shipbuilding process, the surface preparation, application and inspection techniques, the IMO PSPC for Ballast Tanks, Cargo Tanks and Voids, as well as in-service survey and inspection, inspection records and procedures.

Instructors, approved by NACE, are marine coating experts with more than 20 years of experience. At the end of the course a written exam is provided. If the student pass the exam (minimum score is 70%) he will receive a certificate from NACE.

If the student is already a NACE Certified CIP Level 1 or CIP Level 2 or CIP Level 3 and pass the exam, he/she will receive a new card with the update endorsement.

Upon receipt of payment an email containing a link to download the manual to study before the course will be sent. Each student is responsible for his own reservations of the hotel room for the duration of the course and also for own meals, accommodation, travel and transportation expenses.

The first day of the course the student will find in the classroom the printed student manual.

For more information please contact


DURATION: 4 days


CIP Peer Review Exam 28 - 30 May 2016

The world’s leading source of training and information on coating inspection organized by IMC engineering S.r.l.

28th – 30th May, 2016, Genoa (Italy)


This CIP Level 3 - Peer Review examinations are conducted by contemporaries of the coating inspection industry and are expert in their field of work. There is no corresponding coursework, only an oral assessment. Candidates must demonstrate that they can apply the practical and theoretical knowledge of coating they have learned throughout the CIP Level 1 and Level 2 courses and from experiences faced on the job in real-life situation. Prerequisites: Successfully completed CIP Level 1 and CIP Level 2 plus 2 Years of verifiable coatings-related work experience, approved by NACE International. The completed application form shall be submitted to NACE via fax to +1 281-228-6344, or email to forms are located in the CIP Student Manuals or may be downloaded from the NACE Institute web site For more information please contact


LOCATION: Hotel in Genova, to be defined

DURATION: 2-Hour Oral Examination given in front of a three-member review board IMC will inform about the day and time of your examination